Doomie finally did it. Well, he didn’t mean to do it, here’s what happened. We were all meeting up under the portals to go to the tiki bar like we always do. He was making the case to travel further down to the metal bar. No one wanted to, it’s further, and we’re tired, and some of us really do like the tiki bar, especially the music! Of course he wasn’t watching around the corner while he was listing the pros versus the cons of going to the metal bar. Boom! He ran right into two reavers. They were not happy. In fact, they were a bit mean about the whole situation. The one with the hungry scythe was about to slice Doomie up, “into components to be sold on the marketplace” he said. I still kinda wonder what he meant about that. I haven’t seen any marketplace. I’d love to trade these blocks on my head for something cooler.

Luckily Game Over was able to appease them with two power boost power ups he had been saving. I used all my power boosts right when I started working. It was hard to gather enough energy to build tiles fast enough, but once there’s enough you can gather energy quickly enough. We’ve also been inviting each other to see our forges and when the visitor travels through the energy portal they bring a nice zap of energy with them into the forge.

Yeah, so, the first reaver had Doomie in his grapple claws pushed up against the wall, and he was angrily explaining how he was going to use his scythe to remove some of Doomie’s parts. Game Over started smoothly explaining it was all a misunderstanding, and how clumsy Doomie was. He made sure to mention that Doomie had just finished a level 10 portal upgrade, and how long that takes without a break, and who isn’t tired as heck after that? In fact, he had two extra power boosts on him and did they need a boost before they were on their way…

The level ten portal was a great thing to bring up, because they immediately cooled off, after boosting of course, and wanted to know some more details about the forges we were building. We all moved over to the tiki bar because the passageway was getting busy. It was pretty funny when the reaver with the knuckle dome suggested the tiki bar. Doomie’s face completely looked crestfallen, then lit up and he couldn’t wait to get them in there to our usual table.

It was going very well, and we seemed to be getting along great. Then Doomie started talking about how his forge was built like a racetrack and how fast he could get around it. He said that his flaps body really helped him on the corners, and if he needed to get over something, he could angle the not cd player into like a sail or kite and it helped him fly. The reavers seemed to focus on the racing immediately. The one said that the flaps were good, but his raven body was made for speed. They went back and forth for a bit, and then the moment I think all of us except Doomie were dreading arrived. It wasn’t so much a challenge like you sometimes hear about, but more of a “let’s settle this once and for all if you think you can beat me.”

With that, Doomie was set, and there wasn’t anything any of us could say to change his mind. The five or six oil cans he’d had up to that point didn’t help at all, not to mention the extremely long hours he’d just put in building and upgrading his forge.

So that’s it, now he has to race the reaver. We didn’t exactly get to figure out when, because just as they were going to start to get into specifics, the build notifications started popping for everyone. You can’t ignore them, once you get your notification you have to get back to your portal to go back up into the forge. Ugh, there’s mine now, gotta go.