Officially, my name is 17866. It’s just a number, not really a name. I don’t know that it matters though. All I do is build all day. I’m not sure how or when this all started. Maybe I do know when. I’ve been talking with the others in my group and we try to compare notes to figure out what is going on. Every once in a while my memory seems to get wiped. At least that is what we think is happening to all of us.

A few weeks ago, I was thrown into a valley. Well, we call them valleys, because there isn’t a whole lot we can see outside of the immediate valley-like area. There are stone walls on two sides, and I can’t see off in the distance opposite the walls. It’s dark that way, and I’m limited to where I can travel.

We all agree that we all started out with the same configuration. Seven tiles, arranged in three rows of four tiles. The first two have the heavy bed, then one tile over is a crafting station. Luckily the crafting station is powered up, and when you engage it, it creates things. You don’t know what you’re going to get when you craft something, it just appears. If you don’t like what you got, just craft again. Eventually you get something that feels right. Or right enough.

I say right enough, because there’s something compelling me to build things. First thing I noticed was the portal close by. I couldn’t move to it, because there’s something about the ground here. It’s not quite ground. The ground sort of moves, which is sort of strange. No one I’ve talked to can explain what that is all about. The four of us are all dynamic types. At least that is what someone said, and it seemed to stick. There are other types, but they aren’t part of our group, so I haven’t interacted with them much.

What I was saying? Oh, the portal! So I got this urge to get to the portal. I engaged the crafting station and it produced a concrete tile. I laid the tile in the direction of the portal, and built a few more, and eventually got to the portal. It took almost all my energy, and I wanted to take a nap, but something kept me from getting back into bed. I was pretty grumpy, and there was excess oil in my hydraulic systems, so I let it out on the tile right there. At least that relieved the pressure. Maid says it’s rude to relieve the oil pressure wherever you are, but I’m afraid something is going to break if I don’t let it out. I call her Maid because she wears an apron. She says she’s French, whatever that means. Her number is 20111 on her identification plate, but she said that when we call her by her number she doesn’t like it, and wants to be called Maid.

I haven’t thought about what I want to be called. For now the number is fine with me. Doomie tries to call me blockhead, but luckily that hasn’t caught on with the others.

So I made a couple of tiles and reached the portal. It was dormant or something. I looked all over, but there wasn’t really a sensor to turn it on. Then something either messaged me, or did something and I understood that I had to enable the portal. Once I did that, it turned on, and started to accumulate power. The seven tile base I started on was emitting some power, and the tiles I put down emit more power. I found out that if I upgrade the tiles I can get more power from them. The portal sucks up all the extra energy I don’t absorb, to a point.

When I’m idle for a while, I just sort of wander around, and eventually the portal starts to call to me. The first time I went in the portal it was crazy. I didn’t know what was going to happen, but that is how I found the underground passages to the oil bars downtown. We call it downtown, but I’m not sure there really is an uptown. That’s how I found the others.

I’ll have to continue this later, I feel like I have to get back buidling!